Domestic Violence Seminar

The Domestic Violence Seminar is an educational event offered quarterly and is open to the public. This training is well-suited for community members that might occasionally work with victims/survivors of domestic violence, or for anyone interested in learning more about domestic abuse and Safe Haven’s work in the community.

During this 3-hour seminar, participants will explore an array of topics including:

  • Abusive Behaviors
  • Barriers to leaving an abusive relationship
  • Personalities and characteristics of abusers
  • Violence Prevention

Our next seminar is Saturday, September 15, 2018, from 9:00am-12:00pm. The $5.00 registration fee covers all learning materials. We do not want cost to be a prohibitive factor and are willing to waive the fee as needed. To make this request, contact Brittany Shetler at 616-452-6664 or If you would like to schedule a private domestic violence seminar, please contact Brittany Shetler.

Please note that this seminar is not the best environment for an individual who is currently experiencing domestic abuse. Call for more information about support groups, or if your interest comes from concern for a loved one, consider registering for the next Friends and Family Seminar.

Friends and Family Seminar

The Friends and Family Seminar is a free event open to friends and family members of victims/survivors of domestic violence. Please note that this seminar is not open to someone currently experiencing domestic abuse or for perpetrators of domestic violence.

During this 2-hour seminar, participants will learn more about the dynamics of dating and domestic violence as well as ways to support someone that has or is currently experiencing violence.

Participants will also develop tools to engage in safety planning and long-term planning for themselves and those experiencing violence.

Friend and Family Seminars are scheduled on an as-needed-basis. Please email Brittany Shetler at to register your interest in a future seminar date.

If your need to speak with someone concerning your loved one is more urgent, please call our hotline at 616.452.6664, and we can set an appointment for you to meet with an advocate.