Thank you for another wonderful year with Team Safe Haven. We look forward to seeing you next year at the 2018 5/3 River Bank Run!

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  1. Sign up for Team Safe Haven using the form below. This is the main team form for all individual and group fundraisers. You will have the opportunity to join an existing fundraising group, create your own group or participate as an individual.
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Did you know that one in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime?

This past year, we received 2114 Hotline calls, served 566 women and children through our emergency shelter and non-residential support services, and presented our prevention education to over 4000 individuals. Our services are needed more than ever and we are asking for your support by participating in the Fifth Third River Bank Run!

Our fundraising goal for the 2017 Fifth Third River Bank Run is $25,000, representing 25% of women who will be affected by domestic violence.

In the past 5 years, we have joined together in memory of a courageous victim of domestic violence from our own community, Jenny Heeren. We are so grateful for the partnership with Jenny’s family to not only honor Jenny, but to join in solidarity for women who have run, are running, and will run! The participants also raised thousands of dollars to help provide our life-saving services.

In 2017, the Running for Jenny group will continue to make an impact, but we are expanding this opportunity to others who desire to honor a loved one who is a victim and/or survivor of domestic abuse. Each registrant will have a fundraising page and be encouraged to join in the team training opportunities and social events. We are building a strong cohesive team this year and are excited to have you with us!

How it works:

  • Sign up for Team Safe Haven by clicking here.
  • Register for the Fifth Third River Bank Run by clicking here.
  • Join in on the fun! Customize your fundraising page, get social, attend the group trainings and more!


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Help us meet our goal and put the FUN in Fundraising!

Our fundraising goal for the 2017 Fifth Third River Bank Run is $25,000, representing 25% of women who will be affected by domestic violence.  Make a donation by clicking here.

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Fundraising Tips:

  • Donate to your own page first. People are more likely to donate if they see that someone else has already contributed
  • Send an email to your family and close friends asking them to support your efforts
  • Set weekly or monthly fundraising goals. You are more like to receive donations that are goal specific.
  • Post your page to social media. Include inspiring, positive stories explaining why you are about Safe Haven.
  • Fundraise in honor of someone who has been a victim of domestic violence. Share personal stores with your donors.
  • Send progress reports to let your donors know how much your team has raised.
Training Guide

Tips for Spring Training:

By: Coach Kari Stuart

With the evenings getting longer the buds appearing on the trees, it’s finally starting to feel like spring!  The change of season definitely means changes for runners too. Whether you hibernate all winter with no running or stick to the treadmill until days are longer, you might have a little learning curve as you head back outdoors.  Event those who have been sticking it out through the snow all winter, have a few things to think about as spring turns to summer. 


1. Pound the Pavement 

If you have been running at the gym all winter and are now venturing outside again, it’s important to understand the difference between running on the road versus the treadmill. Roads and sidewalks are more firm than a treadmill, and the impact can be felt on your joints.  Also, a treadmill carries you forward, so your body has to work in a slightly different way, which is arguably slightly easier than propelling yourself on the road. 

TRAINER TIP: Take the time to let your body adjust to the change of surface. Start easy and increase your time or distance over a few weeks.

2. Hydration 

As the weather gets warmer, and we produce more sweat, it’s important to pay attention to hydration. Hydration while running is always important, but particularly when our temps change and we’ve already established habits for hydration in cooler weather. 

TRAINER TIP:  Hydrate more often throughout the day.  Get in the habit of carrying a water bottle with you at all times.  You may even consider carrying water as you run or stashing it on your route. Remember, good hydration means that your urine is clear and odorless.

3. Spring Wardrobe

Our temps can fluctuate so much in the spring.  It may be chilly when you first go out, but you will warm up much quicker than during the cold winter months. Too many layers will make you hot and uncomfortable, so you will need to be more thoughtful about your clothing.  Another thing that changes is that with less clothing, you have less pockets and may have to get creative with ways to carry your nutrition and identification. 

TRAINER TIP:  Dress for mile 2.  It’s okay to start your run feeling cool, you will warm up fast!


4. Spring in your step 

 If you took the winter off from running or perhaps you’ve been training all winter in the same gear, it might be time for some new running shoes. You should replace your running shoes every 300 to 500 miles, depending on your size, weight, gait, and shoe type. Spring is a great time to freshen up your step and pick up a new pair. Don’t do this too close to race day though!

TRAINER TIP: Visit your local running speciality store to get fitted for the right shoe for you.  If you’re sticking with same model, it’s still a good idea to visit the


5.  Allergies 

 Spring running can be really tough for those who suffer through allergies.  Choose your course and your time of day carefully to avoid pollen.  Commonly, pollen and mold levels are higher in the morning, so some allergy prone runners suggest running in the evening. Antihistamines can cause drowsiness and dry you out, so be cautious that you are getting enough hydration if using medication.

TRAINER TIP: If you do have allergies or suspect that you have allergies, it’s best to work with your allergist to know what you are allergic to and what measures you need to take to run safely.


Learn more about Kari and her coaching business at


Sponsor the Team

2017 Team Safe Haven Sponsorship Opportunities

Empower Children – Presenting Sponsor $5,000

Funds a children’s trauma-intervention group designed to help develop healthy coping mechanisms and heal from their experiences.                          

  • Logo displayed as Presenting Sponsor on front of Team Safe Haven shirt
  • Three signs with company name displayed throughout race course on race day – Over 13,000 participants compete in race each year!
  • Mention of Presenting Sponsorship in pre and post-event media coverage
  • Recognition as Presenting Sponsor in promotional material
  • Recognition and link to your company on Team Safe Haven web page
  • Four promotional posts for your company on our social media
  • Six Team Safe Haven performance shirts
  • Exclusive Level – only one Presenting Sponsor will be accepted.

Give A New Beginning – $2,700

Funds an entire stay for a family in shelter. This includes housing, food, case management and all other supportive services.

  • Top tier logo displayed on back of team shirt
  • Recognition with logo in promotional material
  • Recognition and link to your company on Team Safe Haven web page
  • Three promotional posts for your company on our social media
  • Four Team Safe Haven performance shirts

Break The Cycle- $1,000

Reach 100 teens through our Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program, equipping them with the resources to stop abuse before it begins and the knowledge to speak out against abuse when it happens.

  • Second tier logo displayed on back of team shirt
  • Recognition with logo in promotional material
  • Recognition and link to your company on Team Safe Haven web page
  • Two promotional posts for your company on our social media
  • Two Team Safe Haven performance shirts

Provide A Lifeline – $500

Allows one woman to find healing and peer-to-peer support through our 8-week psycho-educational group.

  • Third tier logo displayed on back of team shirt
  • Recognition with logo in promotional material
  • Recognition and link on Team Safe Haven web page
  • One promotional post for your company on our social media
  • One Team Safe Haven performance shirt

For information on sponsoring Team Safe Haven contact Ginny Koole, Engagement Director, at 616-452-6664 or

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A major part of Team Safe Haven is generating awareness around domestic violence, and we cannot do that without your help. Use the power of social media to promote your fundraising page.


 Facebook is a great space to keep your friends updated on your involvement with Team Safe Haven. Let people know that you have registered for the team, give them updates on upcoming events, and share photos when you’re with other TSH teammates in our facebook group:


Twitter is another great way to stay connect with other Team Safe Haven members. Keep us updated as you train, share your motivation for participating in this year’s team, and be sure to use the our team hashtags. #TeamSafeHaven #LoveShouldntHurt #RunDVOutOfGR


Share your Team Safe Haven photos–past and present–and be sure to use the TSH hashtags. #TeamSafeHaven #LoveShouldntHurt #RunDVOutOfGR

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