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Children Activities for Parents & Caregivers

One of the themes we have heard from individuals and families is that providing care and entertainment for their children 24/7 is challenging, and at times, exhausting.

Our community is comprised of amazing parents and caregivers, and yet our current climate can present a whole host of new challenges and stressors. For individuals that are caring for children that have witness or experienced violence, it can be especially hard work.

At Safe Haven, we believe strongly that healthy, safe and flourishing families is possible. With hard work, we can support one another through these tough times.

Our goal for this space is share resources and activities to empower parents & caregivers to learn new and additional skills to help lead to the social and emotional development of children and adolescents.

Below you will find an array of activities that we hope will not only be fun, but also provide opportunities to strengthen the emotional and physical well-being of your chid(ren). This is often referred to as “protective factors”. Protective factors, such as empathy building, development of healthy coping mechanisms to deal with stress,  and conflict resolution without the use of violence are all skills that increase the likelihood that children and adolescent will live a healthy and happy life.

If you have any questions or suggestions for this page, please email Holly at hwilson@shmgr.org.

Apple Activity

Virtual Story Times

All of the books used for Virtual Story Time are a part of the Gender Equity Reading Initiative.

Scavenger Hunt

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Grand Rapids Children’s Museum

Follow the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum as they post daily activities for children to do at home.

No Surrender Running Club: 

Follow NSRC a youth based running club in Garfield Park on Facebook as they post daily challenges related to running, healthy choices and team building.

Grand Rapids Public Museum: 

Follow the GRPM as they post fun activities and local history lessons on their website, Facebook and Instagram.


Follow Tinkergarten on their Facebook as they post fun activities and livestreams that encourage little ones to go out and play in nature. Each lessons also includes a useful list of materials you will need.