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Faith Communities

Domestic abuse education and awareness among faith leaders in faith communities are essential to ending this epidemic.

Safe Haven has a unique area of expertise in faith and domestic abuse issues. If you are interested in more comprehensive domestic abuse training for your faith community, please contact us.

Become A Faith Community Partner

It all started with a bold idea and a heart to act through Christ’s love. We began with six churches who saw a lack of resources in our community for victims of domestic abuse. Those brave founding churches took a valiant leap of faith and opened our emergency shelter, Ramoth House. Not knowing what the future would hold, their courageous first steps paved the way for Safe Haven Ministries to serve survivors of relationship abuse since 1990.

Our humble beginning speaks so clearly to how the Lord orchestrated our being and longevity. We have been richly blessed by countless supporters, donors, and community partners who believed in our mission. We would love for you too, to be part of our story. There are many ways to serve with Safe Haven Ministries. Join us and become a faith partner today!

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Volunteering is an experience that allows us to give and receive. Besides giving back to the community, volunteering provides the opportunity for a transformative venture. Here at Safe Haven, we strive to engage our partners in a mutuality of service where both groups learn from one another. We would love for you to join us in service.

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Safe Haven’s life-saving services would not be possible without the support from our faith partners. As we reflect on our humble beginnings, we know that our ministry started with funding from only six local churches. Thirty years later, we are thriving because of the bold, generous contributions from faith communities who paved the way for our success. We invite you to join us in this work through the financial support of our mission. 

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Domestic abuse education and awareness among faith leaders and in faith communities is essential to ending this epidemic. Safe Haven understands that talking about domestic violence can be extremely difficult. We also know that it can be extremely liberating for your faith community to be empowered through this awareness. Empowering your community to be a voice of hope will breathe life into this injustice. Safe Haven would love to partner alongside you through our educational programming and help make your ideas happen!

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By joining in our Reverse Food Offering Program, your faith community has the opportunity to sponsor a month’s worth of food and household goods for our shelter clients.

How it works:

Your faith community chooses the month they would like to sponsor our grocery needs. You will then receive a stack of slips, each with one item listed. On Reverse Offering Sunday, your faith community will be invited to take a slip from the offering plate, purchase the item listed and return it on a specified date. The grocery items will be delivered to our shelter.

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For questions regarding Faith Partnerships, please contact contact us at 616.452.6664 or info@safehavenministries.org.