1 in 5 full-time employed adults report they were victims of domestic violence.

Each time a woman is assaulted by her partner and survives an attack, she misses an average of 7 days of work and requires $816 of medical and mental health care.

In a recent study of male batterers, 78 percent used workplace resources at least once to abuse or threaten their victim.

Workplaces that do not address domestic violence may be exposed to safety risks and legal liabilities.

1 in 4 women have been the victim of severe physical violence by an intimate partner, 1 in 9 men have experienced the same.

Domestic violence in the workplace costs U.S. employers between $5 and $8 billion every year due to decreased productivity and increased healthcare costs among victims.

About Safe Haven Works

Safe Haven Works is a program of Safe Haven Ministries designed to help local employers understand how to address domestic violence in their workplaces. We offer resources that will help employers support their staff and reduce their risks and liability. Below are some of the ways this program can help make your workplace a safe environment.

  1. Lunch and Learn: In one hour, learn how to recognize, respond, and refer in cases of domestic violence in the workplace. Leave with resources and materials to use in your workplace (suitable for managers, human resources professionals, and supervisors).
  2. Domestic Violence Policies and Procedures: Safe Haven can help provide you with well-researched policies and resources to assist you in your own process of creating a workplace domestic violence policy. Our staff can also help you create safety and risk-reduction plans in the case of violence. 
  3. Individual Training: Safe Haven tailors trainings for supervisors, managers, and groups of employees based on the needs and goals of your workplace safety programs.
  4. Outreach and Awareness Materials: From bathroom flyers to program services brochures—simply reach out and we will get you resources to provide to an employee who is experiencing domestic violence.

Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Affects Victims/Survivors

  • physical and emotional health
  • safety
  • ability to concentrate
  • job performance

Affects Co-workers

  • feeling of safety at work
  • concern for the well-being of the victim/survivor
  • trauma of witnessing violence
  • job performance

Affects the Organization

  • increases the threat of violence
  • decreases overall productivity
  • increases healthcare costs
  • increases turnover and recruitment costs

Red Flags of Abuse

Victims/survivors of domestic violence may:

  • have repeated unexplainable injuries
  • exhibit changes in work performance
  • show signs of being frightened and/or anxious
  • regularly be late to work or have regular unexplained absences