What Can YOU Do To Help End Domestic Violence?

Every great dream always begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and to change the world.

~ Harriet Tubman

Safe Haven Ministries relies heavily on the support and commitment of passionate individuals. We encourage you to check out the opportunities below as you consider what your role will be in ending domestic violence.

Become an Advocate to End Domestic Abuse

Being an advocate extends beyond just having knowledge about dating and domestic violence (although this is a critical first step). There are many things you can do immediately to become an advocate against violence.

  • Continue educating yourself.
  • Be an active bystander. Keep your eyes and ears open for instances of violence and violent attitudes in social situations and the media. Call them out when you see them.
  • Get to know your local anti-violence organizations and the services that they offer, so you are better prepared to help a friend, coworker, or someone in need.
  • Go a step further and bring a speaker from Safe Haven into your place of work or worship to begin conversation with staff and volunteers so that we can build a stronger community against domestic violence.

Host a Fundraiser for Safe Haven!

Use your passion and creativity to join the fight against domestic violence by organizing a fundraiser for Safe Haven Ministries. Let the ideas below inspire you to design your own event! Don’t forget to take the opportunity to teach your friends about domestic violence and the work Safe Haven is doing to prevent it.

    • Donate your birthday to Safe Haven: Throw yourself a party but have everyone bring a donation to Safe Haven from our wish list or donate to Safe Haven in your name.
    • Run for Safe Haven: Of course you can join our Team Safe Haven but if you are an avid runner or cannot make it to the Riverbank Run, collect pledges from friends and family for another race!
    • Donate your sales commission to Safe Haven: If you work for a company like Mary Kay, Arbonne, Cutco, Tupperware, or Jamberry, you could designate your sales commission from one party or one month of sales for Safe Haven Ministries. Let your customers know that they are making a difference just by purchasing products they already need. Don’t forget to check with your employer about opportunities for gift matching.

Volunteer with Safe Haven!

There are many opportunities for individuals to volunteer with Safe Haven Ministries!

Donate to Safe Haven!

We are always in need of donations – both financial and from our wish list!