How Can Workplaces Respond?

Despite its name, domestic violence doesn’t remain in the home. When a victim or perpetrator of domestic violence comes to work, the effects are far-reaching.

  • 1 in 5 full-time employed adults report they were victims of domestic violence
  • Each time a woman is assaulted by her partner and survives an attack, she misses an average of 7 days of work and requires $816 of medical and mental health care.
  • In a recent study of male batterers, 78% used workplace resources at least once to abuse or threaten their victim.
  • Workplaces that do not address domestic violence may be exposed to safety risks and liabilities.

Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals – they are both essential ingredients for long-term success.

~ William Clay Ford, Jr.

Safe Haven Ministries is always in need of businesses to partner with us to provide for our clients. We encourage you to explore the opportunities below as you consider your company’s role in ending domestic violence.

So, how can your workplace get involved?

Safe Haven offers resources that will help employers support their staff and reduce their risks and liability. Below are some of the ways this program can help make your workplace a safe environment.

  1. Lunch and Learn: In one hour, learn how to recognize, respond, and refer in cases of domestic violence in the workplace. Leave with resources and materials to use in your workplace (suitable for managers, human resources professionals, and supervisors).
  2. Sample Domestic Violence Policies and Procedures: Safe Haven has gathered samples from a variety of workplaces. Though we do not recommend specific policies and procedures, we can provide you with well-researched resources to assist you in your own process of creating a workplace domestic violence policy.
  3. Outreach and Awareness Materials: Brochures, cards, and posters help raise awareness, offer outreach, and provide basic referral information for employees who are experiencing–or responding to–domestic violence in the workplace.
  4. Individual Trainings: Safe Haven tailors trainings for supervisors, managers, and groups of employees based on the needs and goals of your workplace safety programs. Click below to request a speaker or training for your office:

Host a Fundraiser for Safe Haven!

Fundraising events are a great way for your organization to get involved in the broader community and can also be a lot of fun for your employees! Use your passion and creativity to join the fight against domestic violence by organizing a fundraiser for Safe Haven Ministries. Let the ideas below inspire you to design your own event! Get our prevention and education team involved to help your employees understand the importance of their contributions.

  • Compete for Safe Haven: Pit the departments of your organization against each other to raise donations for Safe Haven! Reward the winners with a special prize.
  • Host an event for Safe Haven: Get the community involved by hosting a carnival or ice cream social and  donating all the profits to Safe Haven. Let your employees have a voice in creating the event and try to get as many employees to volunteer as possible.
  • Collect for Safe Haven: Hold a donations drive to collect items from our wish list. This can be a great way to reach out to the community, or your employees could compete by department for a special prize!

Sponsor Safe Haven!

We need corporate sponsors for at least two events each year – our annual event in the fall and Running for Jenny in the spring. Use the button to contact us for current sponsorship opportunities.

Volunteer with Safe Haven!

We have opportunities for individuals and groups who have time and energy to give to our organization. Get a group of employees together to help out or share this opportunity with interested individuals.