Host a Third Party Event or Fundraiser

Looking for a way to give back? Discover the fun in fundraising! Third Party Events and Fundraisers are a way for you to raise funds for a need you’re passionate about meeting. Your skills and interests can create a giving culture in your community. Check out some of our fundraising ideas below and let us know how we can help! For more information, please contact the Development Team at development@shmgr.org.

  • Wish List Drive

    Collect items for Safe Haven Ministries Wish list!  You can pass out SHM flyers and set up collection boxes at your work place, church, community group etc.

  • The Favorite Challenge

    Give up one of your favorites (Starbucks coffee, Chipotle, etc.) for a month.  Donate the money you would have spent on this favorite something to SHM.

  • In Lieu of a Gift

    Make a donation to Safe Haven Ministries in someone’s name.  Safe Haven will send that person a card to commemorate your gift.

  • Change for Change Jar

    Collect lose change and donate your change at the end of the month to Safe Haven. Every little bit helps.