Bus passes allow our clients safety, freedom, and the chance to take charge of their futures. Lack of transportation is often a major barrier for clients seeking to leave abusive and dangerous situations. Passes also allow our clients the freedom and independence to pursue jobs, furthering their ability to begin new lives with economic stability. Our clients are far too often forced to turn down opportunities simply because they have no means of reliable transportation.


A simple donation of a bus pass empowers a woman to take control of her own life and begin anew. Donated passes allow our clients to leave abusive situations, attend appointments with advocates, and pursue job opportunities.

Tickets can be purchased on The Rapid’s website. Our greatest needs are the “1-Day” and “7-Day” passes. After purchasing the tickets, mark our office location as the shipping address: 3501 Lake Eastbrook Blvd. SE Suite 335 Grand Rapids, MI 49546


  • Donated bus passes allow women to save up to $50 a week to rebuild their futures.
  • Passes give women and their children access to jobs, schools, the community, and medical services.
  • Having transportation gives a woman the freedom to leave her abuser and take control of her future.
  • Access to reliable transportation may prevent a woman from returning to her abuser.
  • Donated passes allow Safe Haven to put more money towards other shelter expenses.

Bus Passes

Single: $1.75

10-Ride Ticket: $13.50

Unlimited 1-Day Pass: $3.50

Unlimited 7-Day Pass: $16.00

Unlimited 31-Day Pass: $47.00


For additional information, please contact Sarah Omicioli, Community Relations Coordinator, at 616-452-6664 or somicioli@safehavenministries.org.

“It is a blessing for clients when they have a bus pass, because that’s money they can save to buy uniforms for their children, or to save for a home.”