Mission Statement

Motivated by Christ’s love, our mission is to end domestic abuse.

Our Vision

Motivated by Christ’s love, Safe Haven Ministries provides a place of refuge and support for abused women and their children. As we envision a world free from domestic abuse, we will collaborate with others to support our clients on their journey toward peace, hope, and security in their lives. We will be leaders in the community in education and in abuse prevention.

Through expanded services and facilities, we will increase our capacity to help clients in their search for safety and wholeness. We will empower our clients to build a life free from abuse through added opportunities in advocacy, counseling, support groups, and educational programming. By continuing our partnerships with other agencies, we will connect our clients to a wide range of support services.

As experts on domestic abuse, especially as it relates to issues of faith, we will equip the faith community to recognize and respond appropriately to this problem that does not discriminate according to age, race, ethnic origin, religion, or socioeconomic status. With a goal of preventing the abuse cycle before it can even begin, we will develop and implement educational curricula to teach children and young people to recognize signs of abusive behavior and unhealthy relationships. We will work toward the elimination of domestic abuse, promoting knowledge and change, one person at a time.

Our Values

We respect the God-given dignity of all people.

We affirm our Christian foundation and identity, while respecting the beliefs of others.

We believe every person has the right to live free from fear of domestic abuse.

We believe domestic abuse can be prevented and its cycle broken.

We work to secure qualified and knowledgeable staff and board members committed to excellence and community impact.

We value empowerment through advocacy and support.

We practice and promise wise stewardship of finances, time, and talents.

We value the trust and partnership of all our community partners.

We commit to effective collaboration both with the faith community and the community at large.