Supporting Survivors +
Preventing Violence

We focus on empowering people by providing them with choices, allowing them to make their own decisions and supporting them along their journey of healing. 

You are not alone. We are here to listen and provide support without judgment. Whether you want to know more about unhealthy relationships, trafficking & exploitation, developing a plan to leave, learn about ways to stay safer in a current relationship, or need a safe place to explore your situation, we are here for you whenever or however you choose. 

Everyone deserves to feel safe.

How can I help? Join us in creating a culture of violence prevention:

Certification Programs

Training to help communities recognize and respond to abuse.

Grow Engage Read Imagine

Using literature to promote healthy relationships and prevent violence.

Young Leaders Against Violence

A youth-led coalition focused on dating and sexual abuse awareness and prevention.

Youth Violence Prevention

Healthy relationship programming within schools and youth-serving organizations.

Take A Stand Against Violence and Give the Gift of Hope

Every donation makes a big impact.