Emergency Shelter

Safe Haven’s emergency safe shelter is available for individuals and families fleeing domestic violence. During their stay, residents also receive ongoing case management and support.

Nonresidential Services

Safe Haven offers an array of nonresidential services to individuals and families. These services include one-on-one case management, support groups, and a trauma-intervention program for children.

Prevention and Education Program

Through the Prevention and Education Program, Safe Haven offers training and educational opportunities to businesses, schools, healthcare providers, human-service agencies, and faith communities. Learn More

You are not alone:

Nearly 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men have experienced severe physical violence at the hands of an intimate partner at some point in their lifetime.

15.5 million U.S. children live in families in which partner violence occurred at least once in the past year, and seven million children live in families in which severe partner violence occurred.

Who is eligible for services?

Safe Haven Ministries’ residential and nonresidential services are available to individuals and families who have experienced or who are experiencing domestic abuse. We serve all individuals equally regardless of age, race, religious belief, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, or socio-economic status.

Our Focus: A Place of Refuge and Hope

Empowering Clients

We empower clients by providing them with choices, allowing them to make their own decisions, and supporting them along their journey of healing.

Domestic Violence & Faith

We are nationally recognized for our unique ability to help clients draw on their faith during their journey of healing.

Prevention Through Education

We help employers, faith communities, schools, and other agencies create a culture of abuse prevention through trainings and resources.

What Others Are Saying About Us

Every time someone from your organization comes to the school to give a presentation at least one person calls in the very next day to let us know that they will not be in class today because they are moving to a safer location and away from an abusive partner! Bless your hearts, some of these students are so young and with so much potential. Just thought you should know that you do make a difference every time you come. Thank you!

Ross Medical Education Center

Thank you for spending so much time hearing my story and evaluating my abuse. I can’t believe or couldn’t believe that my husband would use my son against me. I realized all of this because you believed me and see this happening.


I went through your program when I was in 3rd grade, and I am now a sophomore in high school. I am doing great. Thank you again for everything, and from me personally, please tell all the kids in the program (I Feel Better Now) that things get better.


Fabulous training. Very informative. This is what we needed @ Wellspring. Thank you for coming. Thank you for making it engaging.

Social Service Domestic Violence Training, Wellspring Lutheran Services