Motivated by Christ’s love, our mission is to end domestic abuse.

Since 1990, helping women and children find freedom from domestic violence

What we offer

  • Emergency Shelter

    Confidential emergency shelter

  • Support Groups

    Domestic abuse support groups

  • Case Management

    Individual support from our advocates

  • Safety Planning

    A plan to avoid dangerous situations

  • Children’s Programming

    Support for Children affected by domestic abuse

  • Prevention and Education

    Resources and training for the entire community

Our Focus

Empowering Women

We empower women by providing them with choices, allowing them to make their own decisions, and supporting them along their journey of healing.

Domestic Violence & Faith

We are nationally recognized for our unique ability to address issues of faith and their intersection with domestic abuse.

Prevention Through Education

We help employers, faith communities, schools, and other agencies create a culture of abuse prevention through trainings and resources.

Leadership Staff

Megan Hopkins

Executive Director

Holly Wilson, LMSW

Director of Client Services

Renee Rivard

Director of Development

Tara Aday, MPA

Director of Prevention & Education

Additional Staff

  • Amanda Austin; Shelter Assistant
  • Angel Floyd; Family and Youth Advocate
  • Wardell Frazier; Residential Program Coordinator
  • Betsy Gomez; Bilingual Family Advocate
  • Debbie Murphy, BSW; Development Coordinator
  • Katie Salyer DeVries; Annual Fund Manager
  • Libby Sandona, LLBSW; Family Advocate
  • Ruth Schoff, LLMSW; Family Advocate
  • Jennifer Schumacher; Overnight Shelter Assistant
  • Brittany Shetler, LLMSW; Prevention & Education Specialist
  • Anna Solomon, LLBSW; Residential Program Manager
  • Susan Vogelzang, LMSW; Family Advocate
  • Emily Wetzel; Administrative Assistant
  • Kellan Whitman, BSW; Family Advocate
  • El Boynton; Shelter Assistant
  • Elizabeth Calcaterra; Shelter Assistant
  • Liz Fromholz; Shelter Assistant
  • Dana Kennedy; Shelter Assistant
  • Mayra Marcos; Shelter Assistant
  • Ale Murphy; Shelter Assistant
  • Gabby Nunez; Shelter Assistant
  • Carlie Zervan; Shelter Assistant

Board of Directors

  • Chaz Amidon, President
  • Jeanne Engelhard, Secretary
  • Jodi Rothenthaler, Treasurer
  • Jessica Conway
  • Joan DeVries
  • Curt Kuiper
  • Jessica Payne
  • Mike Rundhaug
  • Ashley Ward