utilizing literature to help facilitate education


About GERI

Grow Engage Read Imagine (GERI) focuses on sexual violence prevention utilizing literature to help facilitate education and discussion around books that model healthy alternatives to violence. The age-appropriate books address themes of gender norms and stereotypes, consent, and empowerment.

GERI gives readers tools to handle conversations around sexual assault, domestic violence, consent, and other topics that deeply impact the connectedness of our community.

GERI Goals

Additional Resources:

  • Amaze – Amaze is an organization that provides free age appropriate and medically accurate sex education information. Videos range in topics from where babies come from to engaging in safe sex. The platform offers parents fun videos and tips to help make what seems like a difficult topic become an effortless conversation.
  • Sex Positive Families – Sex Positive Families is an informative online platform that contains vast knowledge on raising children to be sexually healthy and shame free around topics of sex and sexual development. They have parent blogs, videos, webinars, and books by both experts in their fields and parents.
  • Tolerance – Teaching Tolerance offers teachers, educators and students materials on creating lesson lesson plans based on social justice themes. The website offers free shortened lesson plans for preschool to high school aged students as well as webinars varying on subject matter.

Parent Toolkit

The tool kit provides child appropriate examples and education around consent, tips for having difficult conversations with children and teens, and local resources for additional needs and concerns.

Child Reading Guide

The Reading Guide includes book summaries, an overview of themes, discussion questions for ongoing conversations with your child(ren), and activities you can use to further promote healthy relationships, boundaries and social norms

For Young Adults

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